Sunday, May 16, 2021

Closet Finished!

With all the drama in the kitchen, I never got around to posting about my closet progress. It is finished! And I have unpacked ALL the clothes! 

I thought I remembered downsizing my square dance clothes before I packed them up originally, but I clearly still have way too many. That bottom rod is crammed full and I'm worried there is too much weight on there. I will definitely need to disassemble some of the skirts to make quilts, or start dancing again. =)
I scored 5 large tubs of plastic hangers in rainbow colors off craigslist so I actually
managed to hang all the shirts/blouses on color-coordinated hangers. LOL

I'd forgotten about some of my really beautiful medieval costumes. I definitely need to try them on and see if they'll fit me again.


  1. OMGosh - that is so organised - I firs thought they were your normal clothes...I feel a bit better now . . LOL

    its hard to give up "stuff"

    1. Haha, they're square dance clothes. Back when we were dancing, I would make myself a new skirt nearly every week. I loved playing with my ruffler attachment. =)