Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Craigslist Score!

Have we ever mentioned how much craigslist rocks?!! =)

Managed a couples scores this week. First, this Stickley Rocker. Jeff decided he wanted to trade his Bentwood oak rocker for this one. The upgrade cost a couple of hundred dollars, assuming we are successful at selling the old rocker for something close to our asking price.
Stickley Henry Ellis Oak Rocker w/Inlay
Close-up of Inlay

We also picked up a couple of Rejuvenation schoolhouse shades from someone nearby. They were the same shape as what we used in our downstairs remodel. Last month, Sharon ordered the Rejuvenation lights for the upstairs bathroom remodel because they were having their once a year 25% off sale, but didn't buy the shades because they weren't on sale. Well, we got two of the shades for 50% off!

 And just for fun, Sharon bought a bit of decor for our kitchen — a 1914 toaster! The listing claimed that it works, but I doubt we'll be using it; we may try it once. It toasts one side of the bread at a time and you have to manually flip it over.


  1. Sweet. A woman out here seems to be liquidating her Stickley collection and I was able to get two Ellis dining chairs with the inlay for less than half price.

  2. Lucky!! I think we paid a bit less than half price, but I'm not sure how much. Stickley doesn't tend to publish prices out on the internet; I don't really understand why.

  3. I remember making toast on such a toaster... It sat on a black cast iron wood/coal stove!

  4. A really Stickley chair? That's incredible! It's truly a work of art. I would be afraid to have such a nice piece of furniture in the house. Are you able to keep your dog off of the furniture?

  5. Dang. I'm in awe of your craigslist prowess!

  6. Wow! I didn't know they made toasters back then! How cool! I got some of the antique mason jars with wire around the lids. I'm going to use them to hold flour, sugar, etc if my kitchen ever gets finished...