Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Busy Sunday

Sharon applied the first coat of the varnish to the side door. We ended up using Man O'War Marine Spar Varnish because, frankly, we had a can on hand and it didn't require any more shopping! The plan is to apply a couple more coats of varnish, as recommended by This Old House, over the next few days.

Jeff did another long session of leaf gathering this afternoon. Our neighbor actually came out and helped clean up the leaves in his front yard and Jeff hauled those to our backyard as well.

Sharon also worked on sewing up linen curtains for the front windows in the parlor. We had been planning to put up roller shades, but after a long, passionate email from Sharon's mother arguing that roller shades are AWFUL, we decided to hang up simple linen curtains for the time being. We may still at some time make and hang roller shades, but we're going to wait and find someone who has shades who can give us some feedback about how well roller shades operate.

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