Monday, February 23, 2015

For New Visitors

Welcome to my somewhat neglected blog. In it, I document our research and restoration of our 1912 Arts & Crafts house in Laurelhurst, Portland, Oregon. I am deeply honored that American Bungalow has chosen to include our house in their well-respected magazine and I welcome all you folks who got this blog address from that article.

If you are visiting to check out my original source research that I've posted, the best way to see is it to click on the "Inspiration" label on the right side of this page.

If you are interested in individual topics about our restoration, I tried to add tags about the relevant topics. Again, it is best to simply click on the relevant labels.

I do have a few projects I hope to tackle later this year, including making and applying period stencils in our living and dining rooms. I've just got a couple hurdles to get over first (i.e. broken computer with the files we need to recover first).

I'd also like to finish stripping the paint in that final bedroom so we will be DONE. In fact, just thinking about being done almost makes me go pick up those paint stripping tools. Too bad my sewing room won't pack itself up so I can get to the woodwork. LOL

Feel free to leave comments to help motivate us and to follow the blog (so I feel obliged to post new content). :D

Thanks all for dropping by. I hope I can help you find inspiration for your home restoration project.