Friday, April 7, 2017

Bulk Plant Order


I did a possibly crazy thing. I ordered 225 plant starts from an online wholesale nursery.

I found Wholesale Nursery Co. online and they offered fern starts for 76¢ a piece. The main downside: the minimum order was 100! Now, we didn't actually need 100 fern starts, but I couldn't find bareroot ferns around here that were competitive. Most nurseries sell them in one-gallon pots and are five to ten times more expensive. Even if we give away half the ferns, we'll still be getting a good deal.

Because of their tolerance to full sun or shade exposure, I chose sword ferns. I would have liked to get some other varieties to mix it up, but with a minimum order of 100 for each variety, I couldn't justify buying that many ferns. (I tried to.) :)

I also found they carried bleeding heart. They were 78¢ a piece. Again, the minimum order was 100 plants, but is it possible to have too much bleeding heart in your yard? lol

One last plant I ordered was their Blueray Blueberry Bush. They were $1.40 each for 1'-2' twigs. The minimum order was 25. I doubt we'll plant all 25 in our yard, but we may plant the extras in pots and give them away to our friends.

The order is due next week, so we'll see how it goes. We're not real good at watering over the summer, but we can hope at least a decent portion of these plants will survive. We'll try and report back after we receive the order.


  1. Have you seen the bleeding heart that is white with the drop part bright red? Looks like a drop of blood.

    That's a lot of ferns.

    1. Yeah, I almost bought some from another source before I found the wholesale place. I'd really like some of the red bleeding heart plants.

    2. I always check the reviews on Dave's Garden before I deal with an online place new to me. I couldn't find on Dave's, but I see their website says they're affiliated with tennessee wholesale nursery, so I looked that up on Dave's. Their customers are not happy campers.

    3. I read more thoroughly into the reviews. They are threatening people who post negative reviews with lawsuits, offering to pay people to post positive reviews, and Dave's Garden detected that multiple positive reviews with different usernames were being posted by one person.

    4. p.s. check your plants when they arrive. People were reporting bug infestations.

    5. I'll start checking that source. Thanks

  2. Karen, thank you for the information about Dave's Garden. I had never heard of that resource. I will definitely look into the reviews you mentioned and perhaps I will try and cancel the order. It may be too late given their inflexible refund policies.

  3. With plants that tiny, expect to lose a fair number. I used to put tiny plants like that in a "nursery" bed together so I could take care of them until they grew some (a year or two).

  4. Agreeded donaleen! I find that mail order plants come so small I either have to wait 4-5 years for them to bloom or I need to 'nurse' them for a while before planting. Sometimes it's worth the price for professionals to do that for you. Also if you aren't good at watering then put down a soaker hose with a timer- it'll save water and give your tiny new plants a fighting chance :) ps your house is stunning!!!