Sunday, January 6, 2013

1910s Stencil Designs

I'm goofing off again digging through Internet Archive.  I need to be sewing...

I hit the motherlode today: I found both a 1910 stencil catalog by Sherwin Williams and a 1913 stencilling guide by Frank Gibson. (I actually found so much more, but this is all I feel motivated to post right away.) Anyway, I'm going to share my favorite stencil designs here for those who are interested.

This is the set I like from the Sherwin Williams catalog:

The Sherwin-Williams stencil colors.

There were a ton of stencils in the Gibson booklet; these are just a few of the ones I saved.

The Gibson stencil colors.
I also ran across an Alabastine Paint stencil booklet a few weeks ago. I may as well share some of them here as well.

And for completeness, here's a few more from a Devoe stencil and paint supply order form.

Update on Sunday: Just found a few more from a Wards Paint catalog from 1915.

And here are a few more from a 1912 Sears catalog.


  1. These are so lovely. I hope you share more!

  2. Beautiful stencils! I looked through all the catalogs and there are so many that it would be hard to pick a favorite. Having said that, though, I think I like the peacock designs the best.

  3. I'm looking for a 1900s (or 1900s-compatible) frieze stencil set with a Grecian-inspired design of musical instruments and laurel wreaths for my front room. If you ever come across such a thing, please let me know.

    1. Hi Kate, the Sherwin Williams catalog has a page of "Greek" inspired stencils, but no laurel wreaths or musical instruments, unfortunately.