Thursday, June 6, 2024

Still Playing With Stencils

While the starter edition of the Linearity Curve program is severely limited, it remains my best tool for removing backgrounds and cleaning up blemishes from bad scans. I'm finding it quite enjoyable to play around with the program while watching TV with my husband. When I'm ready to create the cut files, I plan to subscribe for a month so I can export SVG files again.

I'm hoping that once we've finished emptying out our storage, I'll be able to pull out my Cricut and start experimenting with cutting out one of the designs. By then, hopefully, I'll have decided which one to tackle first. LOL

Here are the latest options I'm considering.

I actually edited this one because I thought it would look better with more petals.
Excelsior Fresco Stencils catalog, 1924
Excelsior Fresco Stencils catalog
Blue Label catalog, 1900
Excelsior Fresco Stencils catalog
Devoe Art Stencils, c. 1910
I tried to make the ties look a little better, but they still need some work.

Blue Label catalog

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