Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craftsman Exterior Decision

I've been thinking about the color scheme for the exterior of our house once we're done with the interior remodel. We'll be needing to do quite a bit of siding repair (as we add/remove windows) and we've been thinking about our options. We've been thinking about whether we should just make the necessary repairs and leave the old siding in place, or whether we just replace all the siding. Normally we would save the old siding and just make repairs, but presumably the siding in place is already almost 100 years old. I don't really have a good idea of the lifespan for old growth cedar shingle siding.

Anyway, thinking we would be repainting the house, I had originally chosen this color scheme.

But if we end up re-siding the house, we have the opportunity to use stained shingles, which will definitely expand our choices. I have been enjoying cruising around the Historic Media Old House Colors website. They show a pallet of stained shingles dating from 1912 (coincidentally, the year our house was built).

I'd like to go with the dark green shingles, but I can't find any good pictures of houses with that color. And I'm not brave enough to just wing it. Though, I found these pictures in burgundy/red that look pretty nice (also lifted from the Old House Colors website).
Update a bit later:
Finally found one! Dug it out of my Bungalow Colors: Exteriors book by Robert Schweitzer (pg 57). We may just have to audition this color scheme for the new exterior of this house!

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