Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Attic Cleaned!

Due to an equipment failure yesterday, the finish of the vermiculite removal job was delayed a couple hours so they actually finished up this morning.
The removal team said the attic was actually filled up with a thick layer of sawdust, followed by a layer of 1940s newspapers, then the vermiculite on top. I'm bummed it wasn't possible to check out the old newspapers—that would have been fun to read the prices and see what was considered news at that time.
The attic is all clean now and ready for electrical rewiring and for running plumbing repairs. Later in the job, we'll also be reinsulating this space with modern—and hopefully safer—materials. We think this will be a good space for paper record storage once the remodel is finished.

Packing is slowly continuing. I got a bit behind in school, so I've had to focus my energy on catching up this week. Though, I'm hoping to have the dining room all packed up by Sunday because we're planning to have company for lunch. It would be nice to get that room sort of cleaned up. =)

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