Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Craftsman Exterior Research

I have found some awesome resources online for researching the exterior appearance of our home and I thought I should share them. Of course, there is Robert Schweitzer's Bungalow Colors: Exteriors, which is a good place to start, but I always want more! And I found it this week.

The Arts & Crafts Society has an absolutely amazing archive of old home kit catalog images online:
Kit Home Information
I have spent hours meandering through all their links.

There is a second amazing resource at the Antique Homes website:
Vintage House Plans
Though, less focused exclusively on Craftsman homes, it also has an extensive collection of old catalog images. I found my so-far favorite color scheme here. (And Fenner was a local-to-us company!)

Fenner Hickory

Finally, I found the mostly complete collection of Aladdin House Kit catalogs at the Clarke Historical Library.
Aladdin Company Annual Sales Catalogs

Sears' website has a select listing of their homes, but it's not complete. But here is the link:
Images of Sears Homes

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