Thursday, June 18, 2020

New Holiday Quilt

I started work on my next WOOFA project. It's actually a double-sided quilt which includes a harvest quilt on one side and xmas quilt on the other.
I started by fussy cutting the centers.
But when it came time to start cutting out the rest of the fabric, I didn't feel like doing it, so I turned to finalizing the plan for the xmas quilt. Throughout this planning process, I probably designed about a dozen different xmas quilts in Electric Quilt but I just never fancied any of them well enough. But then I noticed a book on my shelf, Star Log Cabin Quilts, and I thought it would look good in reds and greens. The sashing could be finished with gold stars and would add the finishing touch.

I spent a couple days fussy cutting the centers and strips for the blocks. I exhausted my supply of red and green scraps and actually had to cut about half of them from fabrics on my shelves.
Then I spent another couple days making the blocks.
Then I decided I needed to figure out the final arrangement before I continued because sashing is made up of two strips and you need to know what colors are in each piece. I tried out half a dozen arrangements before I finally settled on one.

In the final stages, I realized I didn't have enough of the border fabric that I really wanted to use, so I reluctantly ordered some more. On the bright side, the merchant I purchased from also had the poinsettia fabric I used for the centers with a white background, and I thought it would look nice in the center of the gold stars so I ordered a little bit of that fabric too.
Now I'm waiting for the extra fabric to come, so I'll probably have to turn my attention back to the harvest quilt. I'll have to spend another couple days cutting out fabric; my least favorite part of making quilts.


  1. Lovely! Wish I could help with the cutting. It's probably the only part I would enjoy doing. ;0D

    1. Me too. You could cut out the quilts and I could sew them. =)

  2. What a gorgeous project - I love your Christmas log cabins. xx