Saturday, August 28, 2021

So Much Purging

We have spent weeks sifting old boxes. On the bright side, opening 15-year old boxes is like going to the store and getting new stuff without paying. It's also a lot easier to get rid of stuff we haven't touched for so long.

We've filled up the car twice this past week to get rid of stuff. And I've had a parade of people coming by to pick up free stuff. I love our neighborhood Buy Nothing lists.

Some of the mess remaining in the basement is stuff that needs to go in for recycling. It will hang out until we get our truck back from the body shop. Some uninsured moron decided to hit it last week. The front bumper was totally crushed in.
The living room is still a mess, but it does look better than it did.
Here's how it looked on Aug 19.
Here's how it looks today. 6 more days to get this cleaned up.


  1. You seem to have a bottomless well of stuff. Does it bubble up from somewhere?

    1. Apparently. We are dealing with boxes that moved in 2006 and were never unpacked. And we inherited a bunch of stuff from my Grandmother that I never fully sifted which was a mistake. I just moved it all. I am finally trying to unpack and sift ALL THE BOXES. Sometimes it's hard because I have packrat tendencies. I don't want to get rid of stuff I might need later. LOL