Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazing Coordination

Since this remodel started at the end of March, Sharon has been constantly amazed at just how many people work on our house from day to day. For example, today we had a total of 5 crews here throughout the day.
  1. Craftsman Design had a couple guys out finishing off the exterior prep for the new siding installation.

  2. There was a worker taping off the unfinished woodwork on the main floor in preparation for restoring the plaster; he spent all day on that project. Apparently the plaster is in bad shape from all the scraping trying to remove the super-evil wallpaper. Or maybe it was already in bad shape and that's why they installed wallpaper in the first place.

  3. The electricians were here for a few hours to finish up rewiring the main floor. Today they officially declared the knob and tube eradicated from the main floor! Woo Hoo! Now we just have a bit left in the attic and maybe a little in the basement where we're living.

  4. There was a couple of painters here painting the kitchen and main floor bathroom.

  5. There was a crew of three guys out much of the day working on the insulation project. They were supposed to have finished today, but unfortunately, they were having trouble with their spray gun and they only managed to finish one side of the house. I guess they'll be back.
It's hard to imagine the headaches of scheduling and rescheduling subs around changes in schedule and delays. We guess this is why we're paying Craftsman Design the big bucks to manage this job!

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