Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Woodwork Tragedy

The wallpaper stripping started this week and we discovered yet more woodwork has been removed from the house. The Leonards really stripped out that front parlor area, probably when they removed the colonnades. That must have been a cozy little library.

We probably cannot afford to put it back right now, but we'll definitely take careful notes of what and where and try to put it back later. It looks like that front parlor area had wainscoting, similar to the dining room, but with painted panels between the vertical boards.

The living room is not attractive right now, as one of the early colors of paint was brown and it didn't remove along with the wallpaper. Sharon actually scraped into a fair amount of the brown paint in the living room because she wanted to try and see if that part of the house also had wainscoting. She couldn't find any evidence of it on the walls she scraped.

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  1. I have the exact same situation in my dining room. The original wainscoting consisted of a few vertical boards running between the baseboards and the plate rail (or the window apron) with the bare plaster walls exposed and painted between. I put a skim coat of plaster over the walls to smooth out the texture, but otherwise replaced the boards in the same "footprints" that were left behind.