Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finished Stencil "Class"

Sharon decided to get in gear on finishing her stencil class before she leaves town tomorrow. She just had one project left and that was to practice stenciling three repeats of a stencil on a wall. She decided to just pick a stencil and get it done!

It was quite the learning experience and well worth the practice before she tackles the main floor common rooms. The walls in her sewing room (where she did this stencil) are really bumpy. Not textured, but very lumpy and it was hard to get the stencil correctly placed and smoothed out. The ceiling is also not smooth and straight. Next time it would be worthwhile to chalk a level line with Jeff's help before starting or the stencils are liable to wander along with the ceiling line.

Sharon probably should have practiced the colors on paper first because she's not loving them, but they'll probably go well with the fabric she picked out for curtains in that room.

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