Monday, June 13, 2011

Stripping Inside China Cabinet

We were originally planning to just paint the insides of the china cabinet with a paint that mostly matched the stain. But after some success yesterday stripping paint in the master bedroom, Sharon decided to give stripping the insides of the china cabinet a try. We've had fairly decent success so far.

Unfortunately, while we were working on this project, the painter showed up with tools ready to get started on the dining room. Oops. Luckily, he was nice enough to give us an extra day to get ready. But that means we have only ONE day to get as much paint as possible stripped.

The more we uncover the wood, the more we realize how nice it is! Which only makes us want to redouble our efforts to expose as much of it as possible. This project has also given us a new appreciation for the job Jimmy and his crew did.

Our environmental goals have been compromised by the speed needed on this project. We don't have hours and hours to wait for SoyGel or ReadiStrip to work. For this projecct, we're using Klean-Strip from Home Depot.

Sharon is really wishing she'd started over the weekend, instead of painting the closet, because then we probably could have gotten it finished to a nice point. Now it will just end up being "better than painted."

Here's where it's at when we reached the point of physical exhaustion this evening; no more is happening tonight. If we manage to wake up early tomorrow, we'll do some more.

The wood grains are just gorgeous! This clearly needs to be a project someday in the future to properly strip the inside of this cabinet.

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