Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Week's Remodel Progress

Since last week Sharon focused most of the blog posts on our efforts, it's been several days since she showed pictures of all the work the contractors have gotten done. They've been busy too. We had quite the wood shop set up in our driveway. There were probably four stations set up for cutting and planing wood.

The siding on the lower portion of the house is almost complete. There's just a small section left on the back of the house. Presumably they're waiting to finish until after the door is installed and trimmed out.

The painter came out and started shellacking the dining room stained woodwork.

Sharon's sewing room closet door got hung on the new main floor bathroom and trimmed out. The door that used to be on this bathroom was only 24 inches wide so we decided to sacrifice a closet door rather than to spend a fortune to have a wider door made to match. (These raised 3-panel doors are impossible to find used; been looking for over a year and we've never found one.)

The colonnades are in progress!!

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