Saturday, September 24, 2011

Master Bedroom Stain Ready

The stains have been purchased and Sharon was determined to finish the paint stripping on the master bedroom today! There will probably still be some sanding on this doorway once it thoroughly dries, but we are now ready to move to the next step which, by the way, is plaster patching. Then staining, then painting (if we follow the same steps the professionals used on the downstairs rooms).

As for the stain color, Sharon ended up choosing the least effort solution of using the same colors as the downstairs rooms. It's just too much hassle (and expense) to buy a bunch of cans of stain and try different combos. We like the woodwork downstairs, so the easiest option is to buy the same stain. Though, it turned out the stains were quite expensive and not readily available. Sharon had to call around to several woodworking/paint stores to find the brands. She actually ended up buying one of them online and we should receive it early next week.

Sharon bought the paint this morning. As usual, she chose colors from the Arts & Crafts palette: Hubbard Squash (SW 0044) for the walls. We used the same color in the dining room and entryway downstairs and it's very similar to the color already painted in there. The ceiling and above the picture rail will be done in White Hyacinth (SW 0046).

It's actually a shame we have to repaint this bedroom because someone who previously lived in this house did a nice sponge painting job in there. But, unfortunately, there's too much damage from paint stripping chemical drips and scraper tool marks. Bummer.

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