Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Partial Move-In

While we've still got more than half the storage space to empty once the master bedroom is finished, Jeff decided he wanted to sift the space and dig out our dining room furniture and whatever living room furniture we could easily find. Turns out all of it was packed way in the back! Luckily Jeff and his moving helper, Don, were able to clear a wide aisle down the center and pull the stuff out. The dining room table was a bit of a challenge.

Once we put the furniture in these rooms, they felt very small.We're in the market for a new, smaller couch. This one is too big and too "modern." We'll probably eventually have to go with morris chairs and a loveseat.And the HUGE white bird cage in the corner really doesn't help either; we even removed the wide seed guards to make the cage smaller. This is another piece of ugly we'd like to remedy, but we'll have to live with it for now because pretty wooden cages are expensive. (Found some beautiful cages at Avian Accents, but every single cage is over $1,500! They're probably worth it, but not in the budget right now.)

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  1. It's all looking so beautiful. All the best to you both!