Sunday, May 6, 2012

Historic Garages

As our attention turns to our garage rebuild, Sharon thought she should go ahead and share some of the period resources she found to inspire our garage rebuild project. Again, we're sorry to our followers who have no interest in Craftsman period resources.

As with most of our projects, we do try and start with a period design and then, if necessary, make modern compromises. Most of our compromises for this project are due to cost; we simply cannot afford custom swing doors, but they would be awesome. We'll have to settle for modern roll-up doors.

First, there is a free ebook available at Google books entitled "Garages, Country and Suburban, a series of Authoritative Articles"  and was published in 1911. It has some great ideas for detached garage designs, especially mega-garages built by the super-rich in the period, i.e. three car garages!!

Sharon has saved a number of images and some of her favorites are included here. This first garage is one of Sharon's favorites. It was grabbed from American Bungalow's article, "The Bungalow Garage." There is no date cited for this garage design.

The following catalog pages show garages sold by Pacific Ready-Cut in 1925. You can peruse a scan of the original house kit catalog at The Daily Bungalow.
Pacific Ready-Cut, 1925
Pacific Ready-Cut, 1925

There were a number of garage images published in The Craftsman Magazine.
Craftsman Magazine, Feb 1913

Craftsman Magazine, Feb 1913

Craftsman Magazine, Nov 1914
Craftsman Magazine, Jan 1916

And here are four more images pulled from various house kit catalogs.

Gordon Van Tine, date unknown

Aladdin Kit Garage, 1912
Aladdin Kit Catalog, 1908

Aladdin Kit Catalog, 1914
Chicago Millwork Supply Kit Garage
Liberty Garages, 1926
California Bungalow Co., c.1920
Harris Bros. Garage, 1915
Gordon Van Tine, 1929
Wardway Garage, 1924
Found a few more ebooks about garages on Google:

Radford's garages and how to build them 1910. This one has some very creative designs!

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  1. There are 3 historic houses being torn down a few houses away from me. One of them has an original 2 car garage with 4 enormous carriage doors (with 6 panes of glass at the top of each). I bought the doors, hardware, tracks, etc. But I intend to go back and disassemble the entire garage as well. My garage was built in the 90s and is a POS. I can't wait to knock it down and rebuild the historic one w/ carriage doors.