Sunday, May 13, 2012

Makeshift Chicken Pen

Our chickens have recently become escape artists. We've come home several times to find them grazing in our neighbors' yards. Our neighbors have luckily not complained, but we are worried that some neighborhood dog might finish them off.

While we have plans to build them a nice matching coop and enclosure along with the garage project, we felt a need to come up with a temporary solution in the mean time. So we wrapped that metal gazebo frame in the backyard with chicken wire. We jury-rigged a door with a piece of bamboo and bungee cords. We'll come up with something better if it doesn't work well enough.
Jury-rigged chicken pen
We didn't quite finish wrapping the top portion this afternoon. We have the chicken wire but we need to get some more wire. And it was getting quite hot working out in the direct sun.

Then this afternoon Jeff finished up the front yard vegetable garden. He shows some process photos here. He put down the straw as mulch so it would hold in the moisture and it should also break down and add organic matter to the soil.
Jeff is going out of town for a week starting on Tuesday morning so it's going to be Sharon's job to keep this watered in his absence.

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