Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful RePlastered Walls

The plasterer, John, has been hard at work repairing the walls in the guest bedroom. He spent the last couple of days patching the holes then putting up a base coat and a finish coat. He also did a great job with minimal masking to keep the wood nice and clean. The room looks so much better!

It was interesting the way he covered over that big hole from the stove pipe. He cleared away the loose plaster and enlarged the hole a bit and coated it with a bonding agent—Weld-Crete. Then he cut a wire mesh down to the same size as the hole. He held the mesh in place and drove screws into the lathe so it would stay put. Then he applied a plaster base coat.
Mesh screwed in place over lathe
Plaster applied over mesh
Tomorrow he'll be back to put a finish coat on the ceiling.


  1. awesome! Can I ask how much he charged? I need to have some complete walls done in my house and I am anti-drywall.

  2. $1235 for the one room. It's actually fairly competitive versus the joint compound resurfacing downstairs. I wish we'd done the plaster downstairs because it's much more durable. We keep needing to touch up the walls downstairs; they're too soft.

  3. It looks great! It was interesting to see how he covered the stove pipe hole (we have our fair share of those, too).