Friday, July 6, 2012

Copper Gutter Envy

Our garage rebuilding project is not terribly photogenic today—the contractor is mostly just shifting around dirt and laying wood forms and gravel in preparation for laying a new foundation. Boring! And even I'm tired of listening to me whine about the paint stripping.

So, I thought I would share a project one of our Laurelhurst neighbors has done. We don't know when they started their renovation, but this house has had workers there most days since we bought our house in early 2010. And they're still working on it. Wow!

Sometime in the last month or two they installed new gutters and I have serious copper gutter envy.
I had considered copper gutters last year, but our brackets had all been disfigured to accommodate the modern K-profile gutters, plus I was concerned someone might come along and steal them when we were out of town. Holy cow—if I had seen this before we installed ours, I might have been sold on the idea.


  1. I have the same fear about copper gutters...that someone would steal them!

  2. I can't imagine how insanely expensive this would be to put in. Especially since it all needs to be custom fabricated and fitted. I'd also worry that eventually you would end up with green/black streaks and stains down the house anywhere that the water would drip (like along the down spouts, etc. It does look great though.

  3. Good morning and thanks for the info on copper gutters. We're in NE Calif. and just looking around online -- but the REAL reason for this comment is to ask you where you got your dog-child Shasta!? Isn't she a Hovawart? We're considering getting a puppy this year, so are researching them along with the copper gutters.

    Thanks so much! Kathy Lindner, 1/18/13

    1. We actually got Shasta from a shelter down in California in the SF Bay Area. She's probably a mixed breed, but we're delighted with her. She's definitely got some herding breed in her.

      I found her on It's a wonderful website where you can browse shelter pets that live within a set distance from you. I like to stop by a visit and see what they've got. We almost found dog #2 last summer, but she had just been adopted--that day--by the time I found her listing.