Friday, July 20, 2012

Garage Siding Started

The contractor made great progress on the garage this week. Yesterday they put up the roof brackets  and other details and then today they started the siding. They wrapped up the roof in tarps because we've had rain this week.

Today, Jeff and I spent a long day sanding the woodwork in the guest bedroom. We made three passes with three different grits and now the wood is nice and smooth and ready to stain!

The plasterer comes on Tuesday.


  1. Looking good! I need some siding myself- did you guys get that yourselves, or did the contractor get that?

  2. The contractor ordered it--and we paid for it--from Milwaukie Lumber Co.

  3. Wow - your garage is going up fast! How exciting! It looks great. Are those salvage doors and windows?

  4. Yes, salvage doors and windows. The window was actually reused from this house. The garage door was bought off craigslist, the man door was bought from one of the salvage building supply places.