Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Wood Planing

Jeff and I scheduled another appointment with Eric out at Willow Classic Woodworking to plane the rest of that giant pile of salvaged douglas fir. When the pile was delivered, it looked like this. We didn't know what we were going to do with it, but it turns out we paid just over a $1/foot for old growth 1x12 douglas fir. I'm glad we did not pass up this deal.
Yesterday we finished chopping it all down into pieces that would fit in the back of our pickup to haul out to Eric's shop for cleaning up. We had quite the truckload. We also brought one of our doors that needed some repair. The truck was pretty full.
I am constantly amazed by how gorgeous this wood is once it's been cleaned up. Yes, quite a lot of it has knots, but overall, it is quite nice wood.
Here is one dramatic example of a before and after.
We decided to go ahead and process the rest of the wood so we could turn it into the cube side of my closet. It's probably not the absolute best wood for the job, but we just really needed to free up the floor space in the garage so we can get our storage emptied.
Tragically, quite a few of these boards got cut into narrower pieces because we designed these cubes to be 15 inches deep and these boards were around 11 inches wide so we needed to cut some narrow pieces to edge glue them together. 
We won't get back to this project before next Thursday as we're cleaning up the house and yard. Hopefully early next week we'll finally get to the next step of this never-ending closet project.

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