Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sanding, for a Change

I needed a change today so I decided to turn my attention to stripping the high shelf from the closet. I wish I had bothered to take a picture before I got started. The shelf was UGLY. The paint left on it was all mottled and you could see several layers of colors. The bottom layer seemed to be some sort of translucent blue stain.

I decided to turn my attention to cleaning it up. I put on a thick layer of chemical stripper and let it set for quite a few minutes. Then I scraped it pretty hard with the metal scrapers and that seemed to take off quite a lot of the paint. It took a couple extra coats of stripper and some elbow grease to mostly remove the blue stain.

After the board dried out for a while, I sanded it thoroughly and it looks pretty good. Not brand new good, but it will definitely look respectable once we stain and shellac it.
I also started sanding the closet door frame and that looks much better now too.

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