Monday, June 22, 2015

Staining Finished

The second coat of stain is on. (This stain, because someone always asks, is Jel'd Wood Kote in cherry.) This brand of stain we like much better; it's easy to use and not terribly messy (as stains go). It also covers imperfections well.
This is the point where I freak out—just a little bit—because the wood is so dark. But then we put on the shellac and it brings out the pretty grain and everything is fine.

I also put the windows back in and shellacked them with two coats. It was nice to finish early today and have some time to goof off. :D

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll finish shellacking the rest of the room.

As an aside, we would have liked to go with lighter stain, but the woodwork on the main floor was originally that really dark mission brown color and we weren't sure a lighter stain would cover the imperfections once we removed the paint and sanded thru the stain on the woodwork. Our stain combo did its job well.

And, I have a matchy matchy problem; once we used this dark cherry stain downstairs, I had to use it in the rest of the house. :D

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