Monday, January 25, 2016

Our New Dog Child

We are the lucky family that gets to adopt this adorable border collie puppy. We've decided to call her Bailey, after a mountain in Southern Oregon. We got to meet her for the first time today and she shows the signs of being a great dog. Unfortunately we don't get to take her home with us until next Sunday or Monday because she needs to get fixed before we can adopt her. It's gonna be hard to wait until next weekend, but I guess it will give me a good deadline to finish all this paint stripping that still needs to happen.
We believe Bailey will be a great addition to our family.


  1. I love the tan boots. She's got style.

  2. Thank you. She is so adorable in person. It's gonna be misery waiting for a week for her to move in with us. :)

  3. You guys must be thrilled! And pictures of beautifully finished woodwork are second only to adorable puppy pictures...

    1. Thanks! We get to pick her up from the vet on Friday then I have no doubt the puppy pictures will overwhelm the blog. LOL