Saturday, January 16, 2016

Paint Stripping Progress

I went this morning and bought the cedar for the ceiling. We discovered when we built the fence that cedar has a lot of variation in its color so Storm and I spent at least an hour picking thru the tongue and groove display to find pieces with a fairly uniform color. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks installed.

I still need to go and buy the new fir molding but I thought I should strip the paint on the old wood first so I could see what would be reusable and what pieces need to be replaced.

I spent several hours stripping wood today. I got thru the first pass on quite a lot of the wood I need to strip for the master bathroom. It went even faster when it occurred to me that there were a few pieces I could just flip over and send thru the planer. On those, I just stripped the edges and whatever drips of paint had run down the backside. I need to strip about 4 more pieces with the heat gun, and then I can turn to the chemical stripping step.

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