Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dissatisfied Customer

It is amazing to me how a company can turn a satisfied customer into a dissatisfied customer with so little effort on their part. I have sung the praises for Custom Cedar Products in the past. They were great to work with when we built our fence. But today they made me VERY angry and I am not going to use cedar in my bathroom project now.

Last Saturday I went into the store with my friend Storm and we sifted out 32 pieces of 10' tongue and groove to install on our ceiling. Because the wood has so much variation in grain and color we spent over an hour sifting thru the different piles to find a nice batch of them that were fairly uniform in grain and color.

Because we could not fit that quantity of wood in our compact car, we paid for the wood and left the sifted batch of wood at the store and promised to arrange for transport. Well, today we sent our friend Eric to pick it up and they simply gave him 32 random pieces of 10' T&G. He arrives at our house and I learn it is NOT the stack we had previously hand selected so I call the company back. Dwayne tells me he knows nothing about there being any wood set aside for me. He walks back to the section where the wood is kept and there is no trace of the stack we hand selected.

So, in their failure to put aside my PAID FOR order, they lost a customer, at least for this project. In the meantime, I have found douglas fir T&G at McCoy Millworks for half the price and I simply called and ordered that instead. We'll go ahead and finish it with marine varnish so the type of wood won't actually matter.

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