Tuesday, May 24, 2016

6 Year Anniversary

I just realized we had our 6 year house purchase anniversary last week. Wow, the time has passed so quickly. When we bought the house in 2010, I naively thought we would be finished remodeling everything in 5 years. I didn't anticipate getting burned out and distracted for more than 2 years. But overall, I'm pretty happy with what we've accomplished. I should really go update the Before and After page with our latest finished projects.

Now that our accent tile is finished, Barrett has returned to his tiling efforts. He has installed soapstone on the curb and bench. I was not familiar with curbs being finished in this way, but it should be nice and solid, and a lot less grout to clean. Jeff likes it; I'm still mulling over how I feel about it. It should coordinate with the floor tile better once we can oil it.
And he's started installing the pencil trim tile we made!
I'll try not to whine too much, but the flaky is strong with this one. Barrett was 5.5 hours late yesterday, and 3 hours late today. I'd much rather him just tell me when he'll be here than say he'll be here at 9 or 10 and then show up in the afternoon. Sigh.

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