Saturday, May 14, 2016

Master Bedroom Closet Plan

It's been ages, but I was in the mood to take a look at my master bedroom closet plan. Back in 2013, we finished one side of the closet, but didn't finish the cube side. I held off on the cube side until after the bathroom remodel (just in case we wanted to steal space for the bathroom).

I decided my original plan was overly complicated. The piece shapes were going to be just too difficult to cut accurately.
The other day I was cruising around the internet and I ran across the IKEA Kallax 5x5 shelving unit and it got me thinking maybe I could just cheat..... It's sort of tempting. We could simply paint it to match the walls and probably finish this project in a couple of days.
But no, that would be too easy. LOL
Instead, I found this modular bookcase project at the Family Handyman website. This seems to be less complicated then our original plan and we could customize the cubes to fit our space. We're basing our design on 14" squares.
I've decided to downgrade to paint grade plywood because stain grade douglas fir plywood is more expensive than I can justify for this project. We're planning to finish the edges with small pieces of stained douglas fir from our pieces in the garage.

Rather than struggling to make the cubes exactly fit in the closet, I'm just going to install shelves on the right side cut to the available space.

I don't think we'll get to the closet before this fall. There's a lot we want to get done in the backyard this summer.

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