Friday, August 2, 2013

And We Have Closets

We've been crazy busy since my post on Wednesday trying to get the wood ready for our closet install today. Yesterday was spent sanding and applying two coats of stain and then we got up early this morning to put on a coat of shellac. Luckily shellac dries fast or we would never have made it.

I still have to do some minor touch up on ends which I hadn't stained because I wasn't aware they'd be showing then I'm planning to do a second coat of shellac in place. We are in the home stretch on this part of the closet project.

It's hard not to start moving into this space.
Jeff's closet shelves - obviously some picking up is in order
Jeff's closet double hang
Sharon's closet double hang
Excuse the poor pictures. We just don't have the technology to get a good picture. Once Sharon's closet is cleaned up, we should be able to get a better picture in there because the room is pretty big.


  1. The closet shelves look great, I like the way they are supported on the back edge. I love double hung closet bars, too, so much handier. We had to redo our closet after the shelves which supported the rods gave out and dumped the clothes, it's great to have more room.

  2. Time to come out of the closet.... what else are you doing?

  3. The closets are gorgeous! I look forward to having a closet half that nice someday :)