Monday, May 9, 2016

Woodwork Repair

There aren't many things more irritating in an old house restoration than repairing pet damage. Sigh. I spent Sunday stripping paint again. At least it went pretty quick this time.
Sadly, I think this is the end of the salvaged wood leftover from our remodel. I just love the old growth fir hiding under the paint.

Jeff managed to remove the woodwork in the living room. That damn bird chewed on every piece of wood she could reach. There are a couple pieces left with slight chew marks. We aren't going to replace them all; we'll just touch up the stain. Mia has been evicted from the living room.
Jeff is going to cut the wood and dry fit it then I'll stain it all before we install it. I'm also going to paint the wall before we put the wood back in. It should look good as new soon.


  1. I love that green but when I went to the Sherwin Williams store the color chip was goldish brown. I placed the color chart on the dash board and it was like a mood ring changing colors. Do you notice that happening?

    1. Well, since our palette is pretty consistent, I don't notice a lot of change. If you want to try it, I would buy one of the sample sizes and try it on the walls. I have really liked it. I sincerely hope they haven't changed it because I hope to buy more.

    2. Sharon,
      I am completely "floored" (pun intended:) by your attention to detail (in earlier posts-tile, rugs, etc)! You put me to shame and my family thinks I care too much about details!
      Anyway, on a much more mundane note-I noticed your window treatments in this post. The struggle is always how to show off woodwork, while still providing privacy at night. It appears that you used simple panels (or pinch pleated drapes?) on cafe' hooks on simple rods? How far do the rods protrude from the woodwork creating space for curtains to be pulled? What color are the rods? Hard to tell because they blend in so well with woodwork. Did you find the placement of the rods-just above the meeting place between upper window trim and side trim to be best? I am terrible about installing things and then changing mind, thus creating screw holes in woodwork. I am currently working on a rental house that has bullseye or rosette woodwork that I want to show off, but can't find a good place for the rod.
      Keep up the hard work!

    3. I used pretty simple hardware to hang the curtains. I made simple linen rectangular curtains and sewed on brass rings. Here is the type of hardware:

      For windows with a sheer and the linen curtain I use double rods, like this:
      They came with the house. I'm not sure where to get them new. It looks like there are several vintage ones on eBay.