Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Finally, Basement Faucet

We've been really flaky lately. We've been writing our book and binging too much on Netflix/Youtube lately. But a call from Jeff's friend, Erik sent us back into productive mode this week. First up, he and Jeff installed the faucet in the basement bathroom.
I still haven't oiled this soapstone counter. I need to go find the oil in our master bathroom.

We discovered the hard way Craftsman Design & Renovation didn't seal around the hardware installed in the basement shower. We had to open up the wall from the back side to dry it out.
I'm debating whether I go back to them and whine about this. It's been four years since they finished, but this is pretty unprofessional.

We also worked on the master bathroom, but I'll do that in a separate post in a couple of days when we finish.


  1. That is a bad job they did. I'd talk about it on facebook or maybe Houzz/Gardenweb. Make them see it and come to you...

    Nice looking faucet. What is it?

    I want to come see your upstairs bathroom.

    1. I'll try, but they don't like me because I have not been a good, complimentary client. I haven't heard from them since I told them they installed the same color tile. I suspect I would have to sue them to get their attention.

    2. The faucet is a Kohler Polished Chrome Fairfax Single Hole Bathroom Faucet, K-12182-CP

    3. It's best to notify the company directly before shaming them on social media. A note about their non-response to correspondence and the fact that they haven't guaranteed the quality of their work would be appropriate if you don't get a response to this latest problem with their installation. An oversight like this on their part could have caused LOTS of damage.

  2. Post a comment on their facebook page with the moldy photo.


  3. I've lost faith in customer service these days. It seems shaming is the only way to get attention. Sharon has already had a hard time with them as has a neighbor of mine.