Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sunny Day

Jeff hasn't made much progress on the mulch.
Until today, it's rained most everyday and also last week Shasta got hurt. She hurt her back and started limping last week, and when Jeff took her to the vet, he was instructed to put her on bedrest for a week. Keeping a border collie on bedrest is not easy. They are working dogs...not couch potatoes. So Shasta and I spent the past week confined down in the basement in order to minimize the number of stairs she'd have to use.

Anyway, today she went back to the vet and is feeling better now. She gets to start exercising again.

We were treated to a nice sunny day today, so while Jeff was at the vet, Bailey and I went out and took pictures of our new flowers.
Bailey impatiently waiting for Daddy
If I had been thinking clearly, I would have gotten started sanding and staining the last wood we need to install in the master bathroom.

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  1. Poor doggie. I hate when they hurt because they really don't complain and they try so hard to carry on.