Thursday, June 3, 2010

Latest Crazy Project

We need window coverings for the master bedroom! The room has three exterior windows and one window into the not-yet-remodeled sleeping porch. That room is very light and with it getting dark after 10PM, getting those windows covered is a priority. (Unfortunately, we don't have a good picture of the room. I guess we just thought it looked like another bedroom!)

After I spent the morning making appts and getting other moving tasks out of the way, I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to come up with a design for Roman shades for these windows. I drew out a couple different designs on graph paper but really wasn't happy with any of them! Then, Jeff came home and suggested I make "stained glass" pieced panels and I had the AHA moment; what an awesome idea! So, that's what I'm hoping to do.

The project may be a little advanced for me as I've never made one before, but that's never really stopped me from trying. =) Here are the patterns I want to make, taken from actual period stained glass windows.

Here is the original series of windows:

Now I just need to gather the proper materials, in particular I need to either make or buy lots and lots of ¼" black bias tape. This, and the difficulty of the project, will set back my schedule. I was hoping to have these shades finished by the time we return next time (on the 11th), but that won't happen now!

For others who may be interested in undertaking a stained glass quilt, I found these excellent instructions online from Bearpaw Productions.