Thursday, June 17, 2010

Window Coverings

I've been poking around my bungalow books to figure out what kind of window coverings people commonly used on craftsman homes in period (1910-20ish). In general, they seem to be pretty plain, simple casing curtains that hang inside of the window frame. I have found a few period pictures of print fabric, but they're not usually opened up so you can see the fabric.

I think I'm going to compromise by using print fabrics upstairs in the bedrooms and bathroom, and use plain stenciled or period-appropriate prints (like William Morris) downstairs. On modern bungalows, those published in the bungalow style books, you also see quite a few Roman shades. That makes me feel better about my choices for the upstairs windows.

I'm trying to take careful measurements for my sewing projects next week as this is my last day up here in Oregon until our next visit. I've got a fairly long list of sewing projects I'd like to accomplish next week in California:
  • Sew three Roman shades for the windows in the master bedroom. Though, since these are going to be fairly plain (not pieced or appliqued on this set) it will hopefully go quickly. I can at least do the machine sewing in California and then finish sewing on the rings during the next drive up.

  • Sew a shower curtain and two simple curtains for the master bathroom. The flowered fabric I actually bought for Redwood City but it matches this house very well. I bought the plain green fabric for the curtains as there wasn't enough of the flowered fabric to make the shower curtain and the window curtains. The curtains that the seller left are bright yellow with pastel polka dots; not so nice.

  • Sew two curtains, or maybe Roman shades, for the sewing room. I'd like to make simple curtains, but I don't think I have enough of the fabric I want to use. I was going to set up the sewing room in the other bedroom, which only had one window and there was enough. But when I rearranged the floor plan, the windows doubled. =) So, now I'm trying to figure out a plan that uses the peach and purple as borders so I can have enough fabric to make a curtain. Otherwise, I'll just make Roman shades, but they definitely take more time. While this set of window coverings is not emergency, I would like to get the windows covered so my cherry sewing room furniture won't get faded while I work on unpacking.

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