Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bye Bye Bookcases

It's taken a while, but I've finally found a new home for our gorgeous solid wood Bentwood bookcases. They've been listed on craigslist on and off for about four months. These are really nice quality, so it's taken a while to find someone who could appreciate their quality and also had the budget to take them away.
I hadn't planned to put anything in them before selling, but as the weeks passed, stuff slowly trickled into them and then when we emptied the basement bookcases, they filled the rest of the way. The buyer comes back tomorrow to pick them up so I'll have to spend some time today packing these books back up.

It will be sad to see the bookcases go, but they proved to be ill-suited to this den area. They are taller than the plate rail so had to be set several inches away from the wall and the space would do better with bookcases with smaller doors.

I'm now on the hunt for barrister bookcases. I'd really like something along these lines. In fact, I'd snatch these up in a minute if they weren't also too tall for the plate rail. Sigh.


  1. Beautiful bookcases! I have furniture to sell as well, I'll have to try craigslist again. There is also an auction in Portland, I'd like to get there sometime to see what prices things go for before taking my buffet there.

  2. We just picked up a set of arts and crafts barristers you'd love, too bad I'm not parting with them for anything ;-) Don't forget while looking that you can leave out a section or two to bring them to the right height - and use the model numbers to find an extra matching base and cap for the removed section (easy to do with Globe) . . .