Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gluing Closet Boards

We've gotten ourselves in gear on house projects again. Getting the house cleaned up for company actually provided a bit of motivation to keep moving. We made forward progress on the closet project. When I last posted about them, we had planed the boards and then I had sanded off the remaining dirt and paint.

A couple weeks ago, Jeff had a friend come over and they went off to the garage to play with our tongue & groove router bits. While the joints are not perfect, they're good enough for a closet. It was particularly difficult since this was all salvaged wood and not necessarily the same thickness throughout.
Finally yesterday we got out there and started gluing all the pairs of boards. We would glue up two boards and clamp them, then wait an hour or two before cleaning up the excess glue with a scraper and removing the clamps. It took us a couple days to finish all the pairs.

After the boards get a chance to thoroughly dry, we're planning to cut these down to width for the closet. Most of them need to be 16" wide. We're actually thinking about making an appointment with the commercial shop—if it's still available—to continue on this project. That shop is just so nice to use (dust collection!). Plus we could cut down and bring some more boards to plane them.

As an aside, we've done a bunch of cooking this week. Last weekend we scored 40 pounds of apricots so we spent quite a bit of time working on preserving them for the winter. Jeff also went and picked another 2 flats of strawberries so we've been busy. If you're interested in what we made, go visit Jeff's food blog, Chez Vorax.

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