Friday, March 22, 2013

Commercial Shops Rock!

We had the best experience planing our wood over at Willow Classic Woodworking this afternoon. Commercial-size planers and jointers rock! And, of course, Eric Marriott at Willow Classic Woodworking is awesome for helping us clean up this wood.

We arrived a couple minutes after 1PM with our dirty pile of wood.

And about 30 minutes later we had planed both sides of the boards and ran one edge over his commercial jointer. Most boards only required one pass on each side. It was amazing!

So, for $30—less than the cost of new blades for our little DeWalt planer—we got to clean up these boards. Now they look respectable enough to get installed inside our closets. I am so thrilled with how this worked out.

I tried to take a couple pictures of the process, but of course all I got was pictures of suspended dust with blurry people in the background. Oh well. We'll have to content ourselves with the after pictures of the cleaned up wood.

There are still a few spots of dirt left on some of the boards, but we'll catch those with a hand sander.
The stack ready to go out the door.
One board had an amazing burl pattern. We might have to save this for something special.
Next up, need to find a place to finish sanding this wood. I might just do it outside in the driveway if we get some sunny weather for several hours this weekend.


  1. I'm still bouncing with joy that I don't have to strip paint off these boards. We need to cut more wood and bring it over for a second round.