Monday, March 4, 2013

Laurelhurst Research

In the past week or so—when I was procrastinating making runners—I finished up my Laurelhurst data spreadsheet. For most houses, I have the year they were built and who the first owner was. I now have a pretty good idea of when the bulk of the houses were built in Laurelhurst (hint, the 1920s). I also have a fairly good list of the builders of Laurelhurst.

My information is far from perfect because if an individual bought a lot and hired a contractor to build the house, the old permits would be under the owner's name, so I have no idea who the builder was. But, quite often, builders would buy several lots and build spec homes. Also, my list only includes information for houses where the original permit was available; quite a few were missing.

Now that the weather has started to turn toward spring, I've also been able to get outside and take some pictures of houses. Invariably, I am drawn to houses built in the 1910s because they were more often Arts & Crafts style or bungalows, which are obviously my favorite.

Anyway, I have a growing photo album of pretty homes located in Laurelhurst. Is this something you guys are interested in seeing? I can post them occasionally, but I don't want to bore my followers to death . . .

Here are a few to give you an idea.
Ida McCain built this house
Ida McCain built this house
Another house with a Porte Cochere
This house is just begging for a red roof
Not sure what style this is—an Arts & Crafts Four Square?
Okay, that's enough. If you guys want more pictures of houses this year, let me know in comments . . .


  1. I love seeing the home in your neighborhood. I all for seeing more. I find it very interesting what you are finding out, my hat is off to you.

  2. My favorite is the last house. I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures from your neighborhood. I love looking at old houses. :)

  3. Are you getting information anywhere besides Portland Maps? I don't see much for my house there except a lot of plumbing permits....the plumbing company made it big and went on to build the golden gate bridge.

  4. I'm puzzled by the A&C/Foursquare. I think that's what people refer to as an "Old Portland" style home. It's my favorite- I love the floor plan in a foursquare!