Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More on Quilting

Okay, I'm having problems posting pictures the way I want, so I'll try again on the quilts...

The purple quilt is for Veronica and it's animal themed.  It's also all done and ready for quilting (which I'll probably hire out).  It has a complicated border, not pictured here; I don't have a space large enough to lay it out and take a picture right now. (Too many boxes strewn about in the sunroom and living room.)

The blue and green quilts are for Daniel and Thomas and are transportation themed.  (I forget which likes blue, so I guess they'll figure it out.) The green quilt is all pieced and ready for the border, the blue quilt is still residing on the floor of my library while I wait for a new iron I've ordered online.

I figured that making them all the same pattern, there would be less fighting...

Once I'm done with these quilts, then I'm going to make two small lap quilts for Jeff and I for the trip. Mine will, unsurprisingly, have dragons. His will be tool themed. I've already cut mine out and I'm just waiting for that iron...

Jeff has decided to design some complicated Fibonacci fractal design. It's mostly squares, but will still be quite some work to assemble and piece. I'll let him add more on his pattern.

And, if there's time before we go, I'll finish a quilt I started a couple years ago for the bed in the RV. It's the purple and yellow one Jeff mentioned on his blog. I'll add pictures at some point when I can get them from Jeff's computer or when I pull it out again to work on it.  But that project will be easy to move unfinished, so it's not a huge priority.  We can probably use one of the 6 quilts we already have.


  1. I am loving your quilts. I can't wait to see yours with the dragons on it.

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  2. Yey! Quilting and stained glass! I have a grinder and a bucket of tools and glass, but I haven't done any glass art for a decade or more. I got the grinder last Christmas and haven't taken it out of the box yet. I really need to gut out an area in the garage to make a little space to work. It's on the "list"!

  3. Wow Sharon, not busy or anything these days?!? I applaud your dedication....

    Alex/Laura (still miss you two muchly)