Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday

My father had been planning to come today and work on his antique car in preparation for moving it out of the garage, but we've had a lot of rain the last few days and today so he had to reschedule. Bummer. So, instead of spending the day shuffling stuff from house to garage, we had a bit of a lazy day to enjoy.

We went on three walks during brief "sun breaks" today and the last one, while we walked to the grocery store for oranges, the clouds opened up on us and we got pretty wet. But we have been enjoying the rain because we lived with it so long in Oregon that we just got used to having rain. It also helps if you have good rain gear, like our rain jackets.

Jeff gave Shasta a bath when we got home because she was so wet already. Now she smells good and is cuddly and we're looking forward to curling up with her tonight.

This evening, I finally talked myself into cutting out and sewing the binding for our lightning bolt quilt. Now, I just need to find a space big enough to lay out the quilt so I can sew on the binding. Maybe I'll finally be able to motivate myself to get the kitchen table cleared off. I'd like to bring the quilt with us to Oregon for handwork while we're hanging out visiting or watching TV.

Last night we got our Toyota back from the body shop, so that little bump is now fixed up. I still need to get reimbursed by the attorney who hit me, so I hope that goes OK. My boss vouched for him so I trusted him to pay after I got the vehicle repaired.

I guess I should probably spend some time this weekend studying for my two finals, but I am so not motivated. My brain is seriously done with this semester. I probably won't be able to motivate myself until the day of each final: Monday and Thursday.

I'm planning to spend the rest of the week getting "ready" for our trip. There's lots to do....

Update later in the evening: Thanks to Jeff, we finally have the dining table clear enough to use to finish sewing the binding on the lightning quilt. And, luckily, I was able to talk myself into finishing that project. I am eager to bring that quilt to Oregon so I'll have handwork for the too long trip and during the visit.

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