Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Convergence of Contractors

Yesterday afternoon was a stark reminder of the value of hiring a general contractor to do a remodel, rather than trying to deal with all these contractors ourselves. Our design-build firm scheduled a walk-through yesterday afternoon with their subcontractors at 3:30PM. And not only were they on time—most of them were early! It's quite a contrast to getting quotes and hiring contractors directly. I really wish I thought to take a picture—I have never seen so many contractors in one place at one time. (There were more than a dozen.)

The purpose of yesterday afternoon's appointment was to invite their subs to give quotes on our remodel job. So in a couple of weeks, we should be able to figure out just how much of the job we can afford! =)

So, I guess we could be starting this project within a couple of months. After we sign the contract with Craftsman Design, we still have to make it through the City of Portland permitting process. Hopefully that won't hold it up too much.

Anticipating a not-too-distant start date, I started packing the dining room a couple days ago. I managed to pack up all the china and now we just need to deal with some of the loose stuff. I still haven't decided exactly how we're going to deal with stuff during the remodel. I'm not sure whether we're going to try to pack stuff in as tightly as possible in the remaining areas, or if we're going to just effectively move most stuff out into storage. Not really looking forward to that part, honestly.

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  1. And you thought you were done packing and moving! Hope it all goes smoothly. We still have to schedule our visit south. Hugs!