Friday, July 26, 2013

Closet Shelves

Today found us out in the garage again, pawing through the huge pile of salvaged douglas fir trying to sort out the closet wood. Jeff managed to cut down the edge-joined pieces so they fit on the support boards we installed last winter. (Has it really been 8 months? That's embarrassing.)

The original plan was to cut the boards down and then stain them out in the garage and then install them, but Jeff said he likes the lighter color shelves, so I think we may just shellac them as is. (Excuse the slightly blurry picture; I need to get a tripod.)

I worked on stripping paint on more salvaged baseboards so we can install those on the hanging side. I clearly have gotten out of practice as my wrist was feeling quite done after using the heat gun to strip only two of these old boards. I'll work on more tomorrow.


  1. I feel your pain about stripping paint. Years ago when I was in the thick of our renovation, I stripped miles of trim and acres of walls with my heat gun and 5-in-one. Now, I practically get winded stripping the top of a dresser. (unsolicited suggestion ... clamp the piece you are stripping to your sawhorse and it makes it a whole lot easier to strip and scrape.)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion about clamping. I meant to do that but didn't go dig around the garage to find a clamp.