Thursday, February 11, 2016

Living Room Wall Patch

John MacNab was able to start plaster work on our project yesterday. He recoated the bathroom, as well as patched the holes in the living room and sewing room.

It was rather clever how he filled the hole in the living room. I thought we would have to open the hole bigger, but he didn't have to.
This is the before picture
He screwed in a long vertical board into the back of the remaining lath and drywall to provide structure then he installed some more horizontal lath boards
He put in a wire mesh over the top
Close up of the wire mesh. The blue stuff around the opening is bonding agent (glue)
He filled the opening with plaster
Let dry overnight
Then finish coat it with a finer material (I didn't ask what it was)
All done. Once it dries for a few days, I can repaint.
The bathroom also looks great, but I can't show pictures because my camera can't figure out what to focus on to take the picture. It will look better when it's dry anyway because it's sort of splotchy now.

Oh, and this was just delivered......


  1. How long do you wait before you paint fresh plaster? Our guy told us to wait until it wasn't colder that the rest of the wall. That took about 2 months.

    1. I asked him that and he said because it was such a small area, and the house is nice and dry, he thought we could paint it in about 3 days. When we had the rooms upstairs plastered (during summer), he recommended we wait 10 days.