Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Master Bath Shower Almost

Jeff and I finally put a couple more coats of varnish on the ceiling and I repainted the walls in hubbard squash. Eric came out and helped Jeff get the rest of the electrical switches installed; we gave up on the electrician.

We also got the interior of the medicine cabinet finished. We're happy with the glass shelves we bought for this one. As mentioned earlier, we bought them from One Day Glass, which was the least expensive source I found online. Luckily it was within an easy drive.
The shower enclosure was supposed to be finished today, but the installer got the wrong door hinges, so it's going to be another day or two.
We're mostly down to installing some misc. hardware, then we'll be done. Though, likely with us so busy with Halloween right now, it will be next week at least before we finish up.


  1. That looks great! You've really done a great job integrating a modern shower with the appropriate style for the house.

  2. This bathroom is just so beautiful. I love that floor. It is such a masterpiece.

  3. Do you have apost on different types of finish to use? I started using poly but it can't "blend" with previous coats. I'm switching to lacquer to give it a try. I have some shellac but it is so glossy.

    1. I'm sorry I do not. I mostly used shellac in the non-bathroom rooms. I used satin lacquer in the bathroom. On the exterior doors likely to be exposed to a lot of moisture, I used satin marine varnish.