Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New-to-Us Rug

I've had a saved search in craigslist for a hand-knotted rug for quite a while now. I was looking to replace the dining room rug which we had bought on Overstock back in late-2011. While I had liked the rug, it proved to not be very durable. Shasta started licking it nervously when we had a friend live with us for a month, and made holes in it.
The rug we're getting rid of
My craigslist search brought this up last Friday. 
I excitedly made arrangements to go out and see the rug. Now, I would quibble with the seller that the rug was in excellent condition; it has some non-trivial damage. But it was a hand-knotted rug made by Nature's Loom and the colors were perfect for our dining room and the price was right so we brought it home with us.
Dog approved.


  1. I like them both! Looks like the new one is a winner.

    1. Yes, they're the same pattern, but the hand-knotted one should hold up for many more years. And I like the colors a bit better, as well.