Monday, September 7, 2020

Garage Almost Finished

We have spent more than a week on the garage project and we are nearly finished.
We emptied out the big workbench and sifted the wood in it then put back what we were keeping.
We removed all the tools from the pegboard and installed spacers under it to give us more space where we could install the hooks. And Jeff installed magnets over the wood strips. Then I reorganized the tools and hung them back up.
This afternoon, we started cutting out the plywood pieces for the rolling lumber cart, but when this huge branch blew down off the roof, we decided we'd better redirect our efforts toward cleaning up the wood leaning up against the house.
This branch actually broke off the tree a couple of weeks ago,
but the wind blew it down off the roof into our work area.
The forecast calls for winds up to 50 mph. While we were cleaning up, two smaller branches also fell. I'm going to be really pissed off at the city if this damn tree damages the house.

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